About Claudia Guerrini

Claudia Guerrini has a degree in Visual Arts, graduated from the National University of Arts – U.N.A. She continues to perfect herself with Carlos Alfredo Ara Monti in the comprehensive training of her profession as a Visual Artist.

She is currently a teacher at the U.N.A. as 1st Assistant of Professor Carlos Alfredo Ara Monti in Visual Language V, VI and VII and completed a postgraduate degree in Media and Technologies for pictorial production at the U.N.A.

In 2022, she attended seminars given by the artist Alejandra Barreda and participated as a Jury in the Artvilo 2022 Painting Salon – Association of Visual Artists of Vicente López.

During the month of March 2021, she gave a course of three meetings «Introduction to the Development of an Aesthetic Project for Visual Artists».

In 2020 he took the Course What Is Contemporary Art? certified by the Museum of Modern Art – MoMA.

Her works can be purchased at Juana de Arte Galería and BADA Shop.

In 2019 she received a special mention in the «Eclectic» multidisciplinary art call organized by Juana de Arte Galería located in Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2014, she received the second prize in the 2014 edition of the Network Exhibition. Espacio 24 Contemporary Art Gallery. “Juan N. Madero” Popular Library and Museum On December 19, 2014, San Fernando and in 2015, Mention in the 2015 edition of the Espacio 24 Contemporary Art Image Exhibition. “Juan N. Madero” Popular Library and Museum. April 22, 2015 San Fernando.

Between 2012 and 2014, she held the IUNA 1st Conference on Production Methodologies in the Visual Arts and the 2014 Permanent Research Conference.

The projection of her work is carried out from visual codes -non linguistic-, according to the theme chosen by the artist that will be the axis of the argument, providing cohesion and coherence to the aesthetic organization, making it possible to create it in a space of reflection. 

Once the work is finished, it will be contemplated by the recipient, who will make a new reading of it, turning it into an infinite work.

For this, she uses dyed pulp Canson® papers made up of 50% cotton in its different colors, characterized by presenting different textures and grains on their faces; a paper of great ductility that will facilitate its cutting and folding in the elaboration of her aesthetic projects.

Artista de BK Antiques. New York, EE. UU.

Artista de Juana de Arte Galería. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Premio Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos. 87ª Salón de Otoño. SAAP 2022. Homenaje al Mtro. Pedro Gaeta. Mérito a la obra “Memory 6”. Mención. Arte Textil.

Premio Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos. Salón VIII Invierno.  SAAP 2022. Mediano formato. Mérito a la obra “Velvet 1” Mención. Arte Textil.

Exposición Juana de Arte Galería. «Lo sugestivo de la forma». Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Artista de BK Antiques. New York, EE. UU.

Artista de Juana de Arte Galería. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exposición Trastienda VIP Arcimboldo Arte Contemporáneo, dirigida por Pelusa Borthwick. Diciembre 2020 – Mayo 2021. Buenos Aires Argentina

Artista de nam Galería de Arte Contemporáneo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Artista de Juana de Arte Galería.

Artista de BADA.

Picnic de Carruajes Pilará Country Club. Evento Solidario – Noviembre. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Muestra Colectiva en Walmer Interiorismo. Ago 29 – Nov 31. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ecléctica | Muestra Colectiva.  Jul 13 – 24. Mención Especial. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art on Paper New York. March 7 – 10.

Contemporary Art Fair Texas. Septiembre

Art on Paper New York. March 4 – 11 | Stand 109

Muestra «Ni una menos… vestidos negros».  Quinta del Ombú, San Fernando.

Muestra «Sentidos, Sentidos». Concejo Deliberante, Espacio de Encuentro.  Noviembre. San Isidro. Buenos Aires.

Muestra Pre Maratón de Arte Por Los Derechos HumanosFacultad De Derecho. Mayo. Buenos Aires.

Muestra «Imagen Arte», calidad de expositor. Galería de Arte Contemporáneo Espacio 24. Biblioteca Popular “Juan N.  Madero”.  Abril. San Fernando, Buenos Aires.

Muestra «DeVelada”. Concejo Deliberante San Isidro. Marzo. San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

Muestra En Red, calidad de Expositor Seleccionado. Galería de arte Espacio 24 de la Biblioteca Popular “Juan N. Madero”.  diciembre, San Fernando, Buenos Aires.

Muestra “Escenas en el Cuerpo”, calidad de expositor. Hotel Hilton Buenos Aires. Octubre. Buenos Aires.